SpeedyCourse.com Makes it Easy to Find Training Courses Online


The internet has made information easily accessible with just a few clicks. But the vast amount of data available online also means that people often have to sort through thousands of search engine results that may not even be related to what they’re looking for.

SpeedyCourse.com, an online course finder, was designed to address this issue for people who are looking for information on training courses online.

By bringing together training course providers who specialize in different fields, SpeedyCourse.com continues to build its vast database of short courses, training, seminars, workshops, and learning events. With its simple, easy-to-use search engine, users simply need to type in a keyword to get results on what training courses are available for the type of skill that they want to learn or develop.

Now accessible in 16 countries—including USA, UK, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, and South Africa—SpeedyCourse.com has also added more filtering options for search results. Users can now filter courses by location (city or zip code), delivery method (classroom/person-led or online) or category. Soon, they will also be able to filter by date and price to know which training courses fit their schedule and budget.

Additionally, SpeedyCourse.com makes it easy for users to send inquiries directly to training providers with an online messaging feature that’s accessible right on the course page that they’re viewing.

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