Being the First Mompreneur Network in the Philippines, Mompreneur Manila aims to provide its mompreneur members with venues for networking, information and support. In its goal to hone and develop its members’ entrepreneurial skills, Mompreneur Manila is now offering Business Registration Services, as well as expert legal counselling from Corporate Counsels Philippines Law Offices (CCPLAW).

CCPLAW is a team of pro-active and non-traditional law practitioners who aim to provide expertise in corporate practice to our select target market ensuring professional excellence with high ethical standards. With a network of lawyers providing distinct legal services, revolving around corporate practice, without creating a monolithic structure, Arthur R. Ponsaran, Joaquin P. Obieta, Tomas F. Tuason and a fourth partner, Marie MedinaSycangco, founded Corporate Counsels Philippines Law Offices on May 7, 1998. It provides legal services to a diversified field that include several publicly listed companies, manufacturing firms, financial institutions, e-commerce start-ups, advertising firms, insurance brokers and various small and medium scale companies. For more information about CCPLAW, visit their website at




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