logo_satisfindSatisFIND® is the result of a merger between Customer Insights Worldwide, Inc. (formerly Satisfind, Inc.) in the Philippines and Kaiz Consult in India to offer Customer Experience Measurement studies across Asia and the Middle East under the brand, “SatisFIND”. It was established as a response to the growing need to close the gap between customer expectations and the mediocre delivery of service, and at the same time recognize the “Service Stars” who deserve to be commended as role models for others to follow.

SatisFIND®, for the past decade, has partnered with leading companies across various industries for Customer Experience Measurement (CEM) studies. CEM studies provide companies with valuable information and insights about their own customer service delivery and front-line sales performance through the evaluations of real customers whom we call Customer Experience Advocates (CEA).

The people behind SatisFIND® have the experience and the expertise that make Customer Experience Measurement an efficient mechanism in measuring customer service performance. It goes beyond the usual mystery shopping audit offered by most research agencies. Customer Experience Measurement involves a deeper understanding of the customer’s psyche and the business environment where the customer experience takes place.

The analyses and recommendations are relevant and actionable, as it uses both qualitative and quantitative methods in every study. SatisFIND® combines the ideals and principles of Human Resource, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Research in its measurement services. SatisFIND® works with real customers who work undercover to observe and report on their experiences.

SatisFIND® is a member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association – Asia Pacific Chapter. MSPA is the only professional trade association representing the Mystery Shopping industry worldwide. Find out more at

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