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Mompreneurs, especially those who work at home, usually find themselves with way too much stuff to store safely in their residence. Whether these are documents or inventory, storing them at a safe and convenient location is always a concern.

Fortunately, there is Safehouse Storage. A comprehensive self-storage solution company, Safehouse Storage provides storage space to meet all your needs. Be it a few pieces of furniture or a couple boxes of confidential business files, Safehouse Storage offers secure, cost-efficient storage solutions tailor-fit to your personal need.

Carlo Coronel, one of the company’s founders, says, “Safehouse Storage started when one company needed to rent a storage room for their corporate files. Since our family is in the warehousing business and we had a 20sqm vacant room in one of our warehouses, me and my brother decided to lease it out to that company. When we found out that self-storage was big in the United States and learned that there was no available facilities here, we decided to make more units and marketed it aggressively.”

There are many advantages to availing of Safehouse Storage’s various services.

For starters, it is cost efficient. Coronel says, “Sometimes all you need is a 15 sqm room for your extra stuff. In the market, it’s very hard to look for a small warehouse that leases out this size.”

Safehouse Storage offers units ranging from 2cbm (locker type units) to 90 cbm units.


It is also convenient as Safehouse Storage functions as a one-stop-shop logistics hub. It not only stores your stuff, it can also pack and move it as well. “If you want to protect your items during mobilization, people could avail our specialized packing service. We have a variety of packing materials from corrugated boards, bubble wraps, cargo boxes, stretch films, and the like. Our moving service can pick up your items from your place to our facility or to any place you desire. We also do domestics and international moves.”

Safehouse Storage also offers in-house auctions should you want to dispose of the items in your unit, record management for corporate and personal files, and insurance to make sure that your belongings are safe from mishaps.

Moreover, your security and privacy are well-protected at Safehouse Storage as it does not mix your items with those of other clients. You have full control over your storage space, which may be found in three strategic locations over Metro Manila.

Last but not least, Coronel says, “Our people are trained to serve. We go out of our way to make sure that the client gets the most quality service that he deserves. This is the Safehouse difference.”
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