Mompreneur Power!

When we organized the first Expo Mom in 2008, there were probably around 10 mompreneur booths out of 80. This year’s Expo Mom featured around 70 out of 80.  That’s how much the MOMPRENEUR MOVEMENT has grown in just 4 years!

What can we attribute this growth to?  I would say, the internet would be one of the main reasons for more moms going into business. More people use the internet, more moms use the internet, more people shop online. The rise in internet use gives moms who are home-based the opportunity to set up and run a business from home while raising her family.  The increase in the use and trust of e-commerce through sites like Multiply, makes the business viable and more feasible.

Another reason would be  events like Expo Mom (and we say this with all humility). Expo Mom (as well as other mom-focused events such as Working Mom’s All About Baby, or Baby & Co’s Grand Baby Fair) gives mompreneurs the opportunity to launch their products in an easy-to-book, short-term setting. They are able to interact with their target market, gather feedback, study their customers, work on their merchandising, and meet other women entrepreneurs.

We’ve seen our mompreneur partners, grow from their table displays to full booth set-ups at our expos such as Rianna and Sherryl’s Proud Mama Concepts. We’ve seen mompreneurs launch their start-up at Expo Mom and go into full blown retailing with their mall outlets, such as Karen’s Momtrepreneur Shop.  We proudly watch our mompreneurs be recognized and gain awards at major business events like Denise and Monica’s Indigo Baby which was recognized at the recent Go Negosyo Young Entrepreneur Awards.

We are so happy and proud to be part of this movement and we look forward to more business-moms’s successes and achievements! Here’s to Mompreneur Power!





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