How to Build Your Business with Facebook


“Social media is a game of perception” says Jason Cruz, Social Products Director of MRM/McCann. “We are creating perception about how other people feel and think about our lives – the same thing with brands,” Cruz adds.

In the recent CDM Acceleration Program by the International Institute of Digital Marketing – Certified Digital Marketer Program, Cruz emphasized that there’s never been a greater time to get into social media marketing than now.

“Fact is, Filipinos are great consumers of social media which eventually leads to fact number two: Facebook is the topmost website in the Philippines,” Cruz says. In a recent global study conducted by Wave7 of, Filipinos are using social media platforms approximately 53 hours a week, 11 hours more than the global average of 42.

And as busy as you may be, mommy, no one really is too busy for Facebook. By posting pictures of your kids, your hubby, and your selfies, sharing it on Facebook is a way of staying connected to the social world despite all the mom duties that needs to be fulfilled.

But keep in mind, personal accounts are different from business pages. Here are three tips on building your business with Facebook moments.

1. Listen.
Cruz says that every business page should practice social listening. This is the act of monitoring online conversations actively based on predetermined keywords or hashtags. By doing so, you will be able to keep track of trends, feedbacks, and prevent a social crisis.

2. Share what’s valuable.
Never post something for the sake of posting anything. That’s an absolute no-no in the field of digital marketing and any form of advertising for that matter. Only share information with your consumers that will be of value to them. The last thing you’d want them doing is “unfollowing” your page or ignoring you on their News Feed.

3. Address comments.
Positive or negative feedback is still feedback. When consumers are trying to connect with you, the best thing to do is to converse with them. Comments are opportunities to better understand the market so don’t let these chances slide.

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