How Mompreneurs Can Achieve a Sense of Equilibrium


There is a calmness about Mutya Laxa Buensuceso which is quite refreshing for someone in such a high-powered position. She speaks precisely but gently, making sure that every person in the room gets to hear her every word. She takes a pause to emphasize an important point, and illustrates concepts with clear examples. That she is sharing her path to equilibrium to a roomful of mompreneurs is but fitting.


At the 3rd Mompreneur Summit: LIFE+BIZ, Mutya, who is the founder of online boutique Spinkie and country manager of Luxasia Philippines, shared a number of key principles which would help enterprising moms integrate their work lives with their personal lives successfully.


Guilt, it seems, is one emotion that’s deeply-ingrained in every mom. We feel guilty when we have to leave for work. We feel guilty when we can’t attend a school presentation. We feel guilty all the time.

But Mutya says, “Guilt is the most useless emotion.”

True enough, nothing productive is ever achieved by moms feeling guilty. The important thing is for moms to make the best of their decisions, and plot a course of action which would generate the best results.

As Mutya wisely observed, even Batman had a Robin! And so should it be for every working mother. Both at work and at home, always get the best person for the job, whether the position is for your yaya or your executive assistant. Having enlisted the service of the best, trust that he’ll do his job effectively. Learn how to delegate, although this may prove difficult for some. Of course, training works wonders, says Mutya. If you don’t teach your staff how you want things done, he will always do it the wrong way.

We all have our own work styles. Some need to work in a quiet environment; others thrive amidst noise and chaos. Create the environment where you are most productive, says Mutya. “Have the tools that can allow you to work from virtually anywhere, anytime,” she adds, but make sure to separate your work from family. This Mutya has mastered carefully by keeping to a strict schedule where work time and family time are clearly delineated, making sure one doesn’t suffer because of the other.

You may spend as much time with your kids, but if you are not really with them, if your mind is flying off somewhere else, then it’s useless. Mutya believes in choosing quality time over quantity of time, both at work and at home.

Lastly, Mutya believes in celebrating the now, as against worrying about the future or beating yourself about the past. Savor every moment you have with your kids. Cultivate the gratitude attitude.

“Creating an equilibrium in your life is a choice,” she reminds everyone, and you can achieve such an equilibrium if you put your heart and mind to it!

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