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Sometimes, all it takes is a change of scenery to turn your life around. For Hindy Weber-Tantoco, founder of Holy Carabao Holistic Farms and Fun Farms, moving her family from Manila to Laguna not only meant a change of billing address, it also resulted in a brand new life. Speaking at the 3rd Mompreneur Summit: LIFE+BIZ, Hindy talked about her fascinating journey from fashion to farming. Here are some of the lessons we learned from her that fateful Saturday morning:

Hindy at the Balik Bukid country fair with their Holy Carabao goodies

From the time Hindy became the exclusive in-house designer for the young adults division of the Rustan’s Group in 2000, there was no stopping her career trajectory. She managed one brand after the next, going to multiple events week after week, and working even on holidays. With all that on her plate, Hindy missed her children badly. At the launch of her children’s line, she went to a lot of photo shoots with kids. She said, “I was seeing all these kids, but not mine!” Oh, the irony! The realization started her thinking about how her professional success was affecting her life and that of her family’s.

Getting close to nature at the Mud Dash

Our lives have become so busy these days that we often go from one appointment to the next, work on one deadline after another, quickly losing sight of the big picture. Hindy went through the same thing. She recalled, “I was doing a lot of black, which was a reflection of my inner life.” Outside, Hindy seemed to have mastered the art of juggling all her different roles. Inside, she was conflicted. When their third child was diagnosed with an incurable disease, she was devastated. She went on Sabbatical to take a long hard look at what she wanted her life to be.

Having some good, old-fashion fun amidst the beauty of farm life

Hindy faced a lot of challenges, but through them all, she just kept going. She never quit. She never gave up. She just kept going. As a mom and an entrepreneur, Hindy said that she not only had to be flexible, she had to learn to adapt to everything that life threw her way.

Eventually, Hindy and her family left Manila to start a new life in Laguna. There, they literally went back to basics. She said, “It’s gratifying to grow your own food, not from the palengke, not from the grocery.” Together, she and her family discovered the many pleasures of living in a farm. She played with her kids outside all day. They went swimming. They chased butterflies and took care of farm animals. She said, “It changed our lives.”

She and her family had so much fun that eventually, she realized that others might want to experience the same thrills. She founded Fun Farm, a wonderful sampling of the bucolic life. Fun Farm started with just one carabao, which they lovingly named Kisses, two ducks, and two bunnies. Today, it’s a popular weekend destination for families.

When Hindy eventually went back to fashion, she did it on her own terms. Having crafted a wonderful life in their farm, going back to Manila to pursue her passion for fashion was not an option. Her solution: made-to-order custom clothes. Though she worked less, she turned out more quality work, which was ultimately more fulfilling.

Yes, you can live the life you want. You just need to be committed to it!

Images from Balik Bukid FB page

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