Featured Mompreneur: Joy Astilla


Mothers are doers. They don’t wait for things to happen to them. They make things happen. That’s exactly what mompreneur Joy Astilla did. Realizing the absence of suitable binders for moms, Joy searched high and low, and discovered Wink Shapewear. She explains, “I saw the opportunity to bring Wink Shapewear to the Philippines because honestly, there’s nothing like it that is available locally. I also felt that I needed to let other moms know about Wink and educate them on the importance and effect of wearing good quality shapewear to their health and well-being.”

Made from nylon and lycra, Wink Shapewear is recommended by Ob-Gynes to women who had just given birth or undergone surgery to support their body and help them get back in shape. Joy adds, “What I love most about Wink Shapewear, aside from being very comfortable, is that it can be worn by any woman at any stage in her life and not just after pregnancy.”

Wink Essential is available online at urbanessentials.com.ph. Eventually, Joy hopes to put up her own brick and mortar store. She says, “I want my store to not only be a place where they can buy stuff, but also a place where moms can meet and learn a thing or two from each other.”

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