Featured Mompreneur: Chal Lontoc del Rosario

Chal and her family

Being an entrepreneur is in Chal Lontoc del Rosario’s genes. For many years, her mother took care of business at their travel agency, Jeron Travel. It was but natural then that when her mom passed away, Chal took over. She recalls, “It was hard at first but I love to travel and service people. Everything fell into place with a lot of hard work. I learned to love what I do and that’s what helped me grow it even more.”

While being a mompreneur has its fair share of challenges, Chal says, “It’s very fulfilling to be able help yourself and others as well. I love that my son gets to see me accomplishing things.”

Sometimes though, “mom” guilt creeps in.

“There are times that I just want to be home with my son and hang out, but can’t… I’m just lucky it’s still turning out well. I like the balance of being a mom and still having my own career.”

Chal and her husband

Her secret: She asks for help. Chal knows that she is no superwoman, so she asks for assistance whenever she needs it. Having a loving and understanding husband is a big bonus too! “I’m lucky that my husband is hands-on with our son. My family is very supportive. I also have an amazing team in Jeron travel! I’m thankful that my son’s Yaya is there too! You really can’t do it alone. Being a mom, wife, and entrepreneur, they all require 24 hours of your time. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s love for all three that gets me through the day!”

This story first appeared in Urban Mom.

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