Content Marketing Summit 2015: It’s Time for Disruptive Content


“Your customer has changed. We, as audiences, are also producers of content: we have complete control of what and how we consume it,” said Damien Brey, Global Business Head of Brand New Media during the first Content Marketing Summit 2015 at Bayanihan Events Place in Mandaluyong City.

Speaking before some 200 digital content, public relations, and marketing professionals, Brey outlined the current and upcoming content marketing trends in his presentation, The Perfect Storm for Disruption.

“Every day of the week, there’s a new change, new fragmentation, new disruption,” Brey said. He emphasized that as digital professionals, we should know how to adapt. In the Philippines, the only thing that’s holding back waves of disruption is the slow bandwidth.

“YouTube comes along and flips everything on how we consume videos,” said Brey. He maintained that while TV is still a growing market, YouTube in a smartphone can be watched anytime, anywhere.

Dennis Lim, ABS-CBN Digital Media Services Head, confirmed this phenomenon by saying that one out of three millennials watch mostly online videos and almost NO broadcast TV. Brands know this. In fact, nine out of the top 15 most viewed videos in the Philippines in the past month are from brands.

YouTube, with an average daily view of 7 billion, is the virtual home of surprising disruption, like the Kid’s Toys channel with 1.2 billion lifetime views. It has currently one million subscribers with its top video, an unboxing video of Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Electronic Cash Register, raking in 87 million views.

How a low budget, simplistic video has beaten other ABS-CBN big-budgeted, big-starred videos is still a puzzle in Lim’s mind but this disruption is enough to move the TV network giant to launch Chicken Pork Adobo (, a multi-media network that helps YouTube stars (existing and upcoming) manage their assets, sharpen their skills, track and analyze online presence, promote channels across ABS-CBN properties, and collaborate with other content creators.

Earlier, Google Philippines Account Manager Jolly Estaris discussed the Hero-Hub-Hygiene concept of creating video campaigns. While Hero content should be memorable, elicit emotional connections, and invite viewers for further engagement, Hub content should push complementary materials to viewers’ passion like apps and supplementary videos. Hygiene content is “always on” and optimized to entice viewers’ interest for all seasons.

“For supporting Hygiene content, you should have broad keywords, not just your search list, and make sure it is discoverable and well-optimized,” said Estaris. “The shelf life of your content should also be longer than what you think it is.”

Organized by the Certified Digital Marketer Program, Crafting Content Experiences: Content Marketing Summit 2015, brought together international and award-winning speakers in the field of video, including Jimmy Cassells of Spiralytics, Carlo Ople of Digit, Merlee Jayme of DM9 JaymeSyfu, Mike Constantino of BrandNewMedia, and Kichi Madlansacay of Unilever.

The event was capped off with a hands-on demo of video production in BrandNewMedia at the TV5 Studios.

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