10 Startup Businesses for Moms

Moms are an incredibly talented lot. Apart from being experts at parenting and child care, they are also masters at household management, budget control, and team motivation. It isn’t surprising then to hear of many moms successfully making the jump from homemaker to mompreneur.

There is Julie Aigner-Clark, who started Baby Einstein, a series of educational books and videos, in her basement and Aileen Chen, who came up with Belly Armor when she wondered how cellphone radiation could affect the baby in her womb.

Here, we have Krie Reyes-Lopez and her Messy Bessy, an environment-friendly line of home and personal care products; Minnie Jumaquio and Snug-aHug, a most versatile body pillow for moms; and the team of Denise Gonzales-Bernardo and Monica Eleazar-Manzano and INDIGObaby, a one-stop-shop for locally made, all-natural baby goodies.

By using your natural talents, acquired skills, and years of hands-on experience, you can start a business right this very minute. Here are some ideas to spur your imagination:

Put your designing and sewing prowess to the test by setting up an atelier.

1. Atelier: While most women are content to go to the mall for their corporate and everyday wear, they prefer the services of an atelier when it comes to clothes for special occasions. If you have an eye for fashion, this is a business with a lot of promise. There aren’t a lot of ateliers in the metro, but a lot of women wanting the services of a thoughtful, dependable, and creative designer.

2. Catering Service: This is probably the most logical business enterprise that moms can get going in a short amount of time. If you are a force to reckon with in the kitchen, go into the catering business. Make a list of your specialty dishes, the recipes of which you have perfected over the years. Start marketing to family and friends, those who have tasted your delicious dishes, and see your business grow.

If you have a lot of fun organizing your kids’ parties, perhaps you’d like to help out other moms too!

3. Party Planner: At this point, organizing a party with a short lead time is already second nature to you. Put your creativity and organizational skills to the test by whipping up party packages to fellow parents. These days, party planners are not just event managers, they are also stylists. Provide novel themes which would set the tone for the food, decor, entertainment, goodie bags, and all the trimmings. Dessert buffets, DIY, and craft parties are some of the more popular themes today. Word of mouth is important here, so make sure that you put your best effort on every party that you’re able to sign up.

4. Online Magazine: Web-savvy moms who publish their own blogs could develop online magazines as well. The key is choosing a niche that you are passionate about that has a potentially large market. Grow your subscriber base as you pitch to advertisers to earn revenue.

If baking is your thing, then how about putting up a cozy little patisserie?

5. Patisserie: Cakes, cookies, and cupcakes are always a joy to see on the table—and if you can make these delightful treats with ease, then a patisserie is the perfect startup business for you! Look for a perfect spot to serve your goodies, apply for a loan from a friendly financial institution, and start churning out heavenly pastries.

6. Professional Organizer: If you’re one of those obsessive-compulsive moms who must keep everything in order, start a professional organizing company. You will be a blessing to families and companies with wayward systems. Take note that almost everything needs organizing from the kitchen pantry and bedroom closet to fashion accessories and financial papers. You may also offer packing and unpacking services.

7. Travel Agency: You’ve probably planned dozens of trips for your family over the years. Translate your insider knowledge of favorite destinations into an exciting travel experience. Hook up with local and international carriers, hotel and resort operators, and tour guides to set up a travel agency. Look at the various tour packages available, and make sure your agency can offer something different to travelers. You can specialize in family-friendly destinations or adrenaline pumping experiences, for example.

Take photographs of goods you made or sourced, and post them on your online store.

8. Online Retailer: Source one-of-a-kind items, sought-after collectibles, or everyday essentials, and offer them at your online store. Be discriminating in your choice of products; choose those which are unique in their features or those which buyers may not readily find elsewhere. Marketing is easy through social media, but you need capital to stock up on your inventory. When you’ve garnered enough fans and funds, you can build a brick and mortar store too.

9. Tutorial Business: Schoolwork has become increasingly difficult for kids. While it is ideal for parents to help their children with homework, most moms and dads don’t make the best teachers. By setting up a tutorial business, you will be doing fellow parents a lot of favor. Sign up licensed teachers to get your biz going.

10. Get a Franchise: If you’re not keen on starting your own brand, then acquire a franchise of an established business. There are many advantages to acquiring a franchise, the most important of which is its success factor. Start with the BPI Family Ka-Negosyo’s Best List. It is a listing of franchise brands which have been accredited by BPI Family Bank as adhering to financially sound business practices and providing excellent support to their franchisees in terms of operations, training, and marketing. More importantly, BPI Family Bank through its Ka-Negosyo Franchising Loan makes it easy for people who would like to start a franchise business by offering financial support on friendly terms.

BPI Family Ka-Negosyo has partnered with Mompreneur Manila to come up with a series of informative articles with the objective of educating and empowering mompreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Party Planner and Patisserie photos from Party Magic.

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