Distinguished Speakers at the 2nd MOMPRENEUR SUMMIT

This year’s Mompreneur Summit is all about PASSION and PURPOSE. People who derive their motivation from these two key factors, are able to work with more inspiration, happiness and fulfillment, unlocking greater potential for success. Our line up of distinguished speakers in the summit are testimonials to this, and will guide and inspire mompreneurs to recognize their own passions and direct it towards a meaningful purpose for her business as well as her personal life.


Amor Maclang is our returning speaker and fellow advocate. She is one of the pioneers in Social Media Marketing, Word-Of-Mouth, Internet Buzz and Influencer Activations, Risk and crisis management in the country.
Her 360-integrated marketing campaigns have garnered credit locally and internationally. In her many achievements, one of her proudest is to have developed the Toblerone National Thank You Day campaign, which earned the Global Integrated Marketing & Communications Award, as well as the Global Best Practice in Marketing from Kraft Foods Worldwide. It was a first win for Asia Pacific by a PR-led marketing program, and its strategy was adopted in other countries.

Amor will be speaking about “doing well while doing good”, her mantra for her life’s work, which is now the guiding principle for her company’s process in its chosen projects and campaigns. The determination to do things excellently while choosing work that is meaningful and purposeful, is something all entrepreneurs can achieve.


Anne Arcenas-Gonzalez is the President of Terry S.A. Inc., a company established in 2003 to distribute and market Havaianas in the Philippines. It has grown to become a fashion lifestyle company that manages a portfolio of International brands as well as its own homegrown brands. It is engaged in distribution and retail in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

Anne is responsible for bringing and growing Havaianas among the other brands in the company’s portfolio. She is in the business of lifestyle-creation as Terry S.A. creates holistic and creative strategies for brands to become an integral part of people’s lives, going above and beyond the traditional retail experience. Anne is also now a recent shareholder in Cupcakes by Sonja and the partnership aims to expand the Cupcakes brand and business throughout the country.

At the Mompreneur Summit, Anne will share about the brand journey of Havaianas: how, through strategic marketing and positioning, it has attained, not only phenomenal success in retail and distribution, but also brand-love among Filipinos. Attendees will learn from the success story of the sharp, strategic thinking, skillful determination, and striking intuition of this entrepreneur who made her mark in Philippine fashion.


AJ and Audrey Dimarucot the couple behind the baby and kids clothing brand, Googoo&Gaga.
AJ is an award-winning graphic designer, entrepreneur, and restaurateur. He is known for his iconic work on t-shirts, having designed for the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Michael Jackson, Threadless.com, and Designbyhumans.com, Nike, Jordan Brand, Adidas, and Uniqlo. As part of his passion and advocacy, he regularly appears in colleges and universities to discuss his work.

Audrey David Dimarucot is a highly qualified professional offering almost 13 years of Project Management, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Relations within the hospitality, telecommunications, and finance industry.
They are five years into full time entrepreneurship, building Googoo&Gaga together as a clothing brand with an almost cult-like following locally and has now reached global markets.

Quirky clothes for kooky kids. You’ll know a Googoo&Gaga shirt when you see one. That’s how strong and distinct this branding is and AJ & Audrey’s will take us into the minds of this creative duo. In their talk “Big Biz or Small Biz: Purposeful Branding”, the Dimarucots will delve on how to conceptualize and create a distinct brand personality, and what it takes to stay true and consistent to the identity you create for your business. They will also share tips and tricks on how they remain harmonious in working together for their business while raising their three children.


Jenni Epperson is a fashion stylist, personal shopper, blogger and media personality. As she made a career transition from her fashion roots into the blogosphere, she’s been able to pursue her love of fashion while staying at home and taking care of her family. Whether she is scouring the best finds in boutique racks or supermarket shelves, she is a fashion and lifestyle guru in every sense. Her multi awarded blog is a go-to source of fashion trends, delicious recipes and events in Manila’s social calendar. She also just recently ventured into the world of print as she authored her first book, Home + Fashion, Entertaining at Home in Style, and last summer, launched the very first lifestyle pop up store, Jenni Epperson at The Ramp Crossings.

During her talk entitled “Harnessing Passion Towards Success”, Jenni will reveal that her success in her various endeavors is not only due to skill, talent and professionalism but also consistent hard work, and limitless zeal for her craft. Her passion to share knowledge and information with her readers is always evident, and her purpose in inspiring them to inject simple inspiration in their daily lives shines through as she always puts spirited and creative effort in her presentations. Through Jenni’s talk, attendees will learn about being passionate about what you do, staying focused amidst challenges, and working with purpose to get to where you want to be.


Joy Abaquin is the founding directress of Multiple Intelligence International School whose mission is to foster the holistic development of students and their multiple intelligences. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor in Arts in Psychology, minor in Education Degree. In 1994, She earned her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, graduating Summa Cum Laude Standing from Boston University. She holds 26 years of teaching experience both local and abroad. Joy has received various recognitions from her academic and socio-civic works. She is also an active mentor and advocate partner of the GoNegosyo movement.

Joy is one of the pioneer proponents of the Multiple Intelligences principles of Dr. Howard Gardner in the Philippines,. This principle espouses that each individual is endowed with intelligence, and that there are 8 fields of “smarts”. Joy has advocated the use of these intelligences by first recognizing it, cultivating it, and make full use of it, not only to be the best that you can be but to make a difference. In her talk, “Using Multiple Intelligences to Make a Difference”, Joy will walk us through the different smarts, help attendees discover their intelligences, and challenge them to combine this knowledge with purpose, to be better women, better parents, better entrepreneurs, for a better world.

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